REBELS WITH A CAUSE (2000).  Feature length documentary film about the hopes, rebellions, and repression of the 1960s.  Told by members of Students for a Democratic Society, the largest student organization of that decade.  Produced, directed, and edited by Helen Garvy, cinematography by Emiko Omori.
 DVD $15, or VHS $5

Rebels With A Cause chronicles the movements for social change of the Sixties that began with the civil rights movement and culminated with the angry protests against the US war in Vietnam. Told through the eyes of SDS members, the film is about far more than SDS. It’s about the values, motivations, and actions of a generation that lost its innocence but gained a sense of power and purpose. It’s about a decade that changed America.


Featuring interviews with:

Jane Adams,  Bill Ayers,  Carolyn Craven,  Carl Davidson, Bernardine Dohrn,  Alice Embree,  Dick Flacks,  Todd Gitlin,  Carol Glassman,  Juan Gonzalez,  Alan Haber, Casey Hayden,  Tom Hayden, Mark Kleiman,  Sue Eanet Klonsky,  Sharon Jeffrey Lehrer,  Steve Max, Jeff Shero Nightbyrd,  Carl Oglesby,  Robert Pardun,  Judy Schiffer Perez, Bob Ross,  Vivian Leburg Rothstein,  Mike Spiegel,  Elizabeth Stanley, Marilyn Salzman Webb,  Cathy Wilkerson,  Junius Williams     


Rebels With A Cause is not only for those who lived through the Sixties — but even more for those who didn’t and are curious about that tumultuous decade.

"It isn't the rebels  who cause the troubles of the world,
  it's the troubles that cause the rebels."

                     -- Carl Oglesby, SDS

For more information, see www.sdsrebels.com


FREEDOM IS CONTAGIOUS: Views of the Women’s Movement (1965-9)    (40 minutes)     DVD $15, VHS $5

Freedom is Contagious explores the early history (1965-9) of the women’s movement that grew in the 1960s and 1970s, focusing especially on the interconnections with SDS.  The video focuses on events and the thinking behind all the events, including the impact on men and their reactions.


Freedom is Contagious includes some material from Rebels with a Cause but also includes much additional interesting and important material from the original interviews that would not fit into Rebels.





The following films are not available from Shire Films. Please follow the links to the distributors.

TURNABOUT (1993).  Hour-long documentary about two marvelous 92-year-old gay men and their lives in the theater. (“First-rate production in every facet ... faultless editing.” Video Rating Guide for Libraries
Directed by Dan Bessie, edited by Helen Garvy. Available from Blue Lupin Press.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: YOUR MAGIC DOCTOR (1988).  22-minute animated film on the immune system. On Science Books & Films best films list (“...the most intelligent, lucid, and contemporary film on this topic”).   Produced and edited by Helen Garvy. Distributed by A-Barr Films.

PETER AND THE WOLF (1981).  Half-hour live-action version of Prokofiev's musical tale.   Featuring Ray Bolger.  Director, Dan Bessie.  Distributed by Pyramid Media.

HARD TRAVELING (1986).  Feature-length 35 mm dramatic motion picture about love and hard times during the 1930s.  Screened at Sundance and other film festivals.  (“A very special film.... I won’t soon forget this very relevant... powerful and deeply touching film.  Jeffrey Lyons, Sneak Previews)
Featuring J.E. Freeman and Ellen Geer.  Directed by Dan Bessie, produced by Helen Garvy, edited by Susan Heick.

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