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A collective memoir of the hopes, rebellions, and repression of the 1960s


by Helen Garvy


260 pages
Illustrated with photos and graphics.     $18


Interviews with members of Students for a Democratic Society:  

Jane Adams,  Bill Ayers,  Carolyn Craven,  Carl Davidson, Bernardine Dohrn,  Alice Embree,  Dick Flacks,  Todd Gitlin,  Carol Glassman,  Juan Gonzalez,  Alan Haber, Casey Hayden,  Tom Hayden, Mark Kleiman,  Sue Eanet Klonsky,  Sharon Jeffrey Lehrer,  Steve Max, Jeff Shero Nightbyrd,  Carl Oglesby,  Robert Pardun,  Judy Schiffer Perez, Bob Ross,  Vivian Leburg Rothstein,  Mike Spiegel,  Elizabeth Stanley, Marilyn Salzman Webb,  Cathy Wilkerson,  Junius Williams     


Based on the film REBELS WITH A CAUSE — with much new material added.


 “This film captures the way it was then, from the tentative beginnings, through the incisive analyses and impassioned organizing, right through the marches and the demonstrations and the confrontations, and on to the agonizing and explosive conclusion.  Remarkably, it’s here — the passion, naiveté, courage, intelligence, commitment, and accomplishment — it’s all here.  With a cause, indeed!”

(Kirkpatrick Sale, historian and author of SDS)


REBELS WITH A CAUSE is absolutely indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the political and cultural change in the 1960s.  It vividly explains why educated young people decided to devote their lives to transforming the nation and the world.”
      (Michael Kazin, Professor of History, Georgetown, University)

See also Rebels With A Cause - the movie










See also Rebels With A Cause


Prairie Radical:  A Journey Through The Sixties    
by Robert Pardun

376 pages, paper (6”x 9”)  $15   2001   (0-918828-20-1)


Prairie Radical: A Journey Through the Sixties is a memoir by Robert Pardun, whose life was radically changed in 1964 when he joined the civil rights movement and spoke out against the war in Vietnam. It's a grass-roots inside history of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the largest student organization of the 1960s. Robert was a founder of the University of Texas SDS chapter who was later elected to be a national officer and spent 1967-68 in the SDS national office, at the height of the antiwar movement. It's also a history of the vibrant and innovative Austin, Texas, SDS chapter, one of the Prairie Power strongholds where the cultural rebellion and the political movement overlapped. The story of that tumultuous period is set within the context of what was happening in Vietnam, and interwoven with what we now know was happening inside the government and the FBI. From 1971-76 Robert lived on a commune in rural Arkansas trying to put the values of the sixties into practice. The book is illustrated with photos, posters, and FBI documents.


 I haven’t been so engaged in reading anything since reading C Wright Mills: Letters and Autobiographic Writings about eight months ago. Congratulations on writing a fine, fine book....I liked the very skillful way in which you interrelated what was happening personally, in SDS, in the war, and with the FBI snoops. I have not seen that done before for that period, and it s so very important.
Jim Russell, professor, Eastern Connecticut State College

Fabulous book!  Prairie Radical is  fun to read, accurate, and thoughtful.... His passion encompassed a range of issues during pivotal times.    Better than any author I’ve read, Pardun develops and documents the crackling interaction between SDS’s irrepressible  enthusiasm for justice, police and FBI secret dirty tricks (COINTELPRO), the growing battles over organizational structure and attempts by other groups to take over SDS.  The book includes many photos of Texas activists at work and reproductions of SDS leaflets and FBI documents which give added dimension to Pardun’s fascinating tale.  One of the best books I’ve read about white radicals in the 60’s.  A must-read for anyone interested in social change.
     Cathy Wilkerson, SDS activist


[E]very once in a while you encounter a retired New Left politico who approaches the decade with more thoughtfulness than braggadocio, who earnestly tries to communicate not only the frothy exuberance and pitched moral drama of the 1960s, but also the frustrations, difficulties and disappointments of antiwar activism....   I hope people read it.
John McMillian, New York Press


Before You Shoot:  A Guide to Low-Budget Film and Video Production 

(New revised 4th edition)     by Helen Garvy

300 pages, paper, illustrated  (5 1/2”x 8 1/2”)        $18       2007   (978-0-918828-21-7)


Used in film classes and by filmmakers nationwide.


“Practical, down-to-earth, common sense primer for independent filmmakers.  Producing is a skill and Garvy lets you eavesdrop on her troubleshooting and problem-solving on a range of film and video projects.  Highly recommended.”
     (Pat Ferrero, Professor of Cinema, San Francisco State University)


“Outstanding book of concise, no nonsense information essential to anyone considering producing a film.”
      (Todd Flinchbaugh, Film Instructor, De Anza College)



The Immune System:  Your Magic Doctor
by Helen Garvy

76 pages, full color, illustrated  (7”x 9”)  1992

$15 hardback (0-918828-09-0),
$10 paper (0-918828-10-4)


Your body is truly amazing and has its very own built-in ‘magic doctor’ — the immune system — that helps keep you well and helps heal you when you are sick.  This book will introduce you to the immune system and help you understand such things as fever, pus, vaccines, allergies, colds, auto-immune diseases, cancer, and AIDS — and, most important, how to stay healthy.
For the curious of all ages.

   Science Books & Films    —  Best Children’s Book List (1992).


Based on the film of the same name:


“I congratulate the producers of this excellent and comprehensive project for making perhaps the most intelligent, lucid, and contemporary film on this topic that I have seen.  It fully and successfully explains the actual workings of the cells.”
   Science Books & Films




Coping with Illness
by Helen Garvy


240 pages, paper (6”x 9”),  $12  1995    (0-918828-18-X)


I have long wished for a book that I could offer my patients which would provide clear and practical suggestions and enable them to take charge of their illness.  This book does it.”
    (Brigid McCaw, MD)


“...by simply stating the problems and offering advice, Garvy has created an easy-to-grasp, quick-reading handbook of coping skills.”
     (Library Journal)



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